Our crate pads are made of extra thick pile synthetic medical fleece.  Double-sided so there is no stuffing to clump and lump. It's perfect for young and old. Super soft and comfy. Machine wash and dry. Wicks away moisture so the top always stay warm and dry. Ideal for convalesing and senior dogs. Natually hypoallergenic, resists moisture, stains and bacteria. Feel better with every wash.

Crate pad     Sizes

14 X 20    $10

18 X 24    $15

21 X 30    $20

24 X 36    $25

27 X 42    $30

34 X 52    $35


custom sizes also available

Our whelping pads are the same medical fleece but a single layer. Super comfortable for mom and babies. Stays nice and dry and gives puppies good traction. Comes standard 4 x 4 but all custom size are available including round. Starting at $30

Whelping pads